valene / estp / libra / bi / minor / chaotic neutral / CURSED CLOWN

hello!!!!! my name is valene. i am quite the noob at coding.

the following is true. i am a real life gastropoda. i type on my keyboard with my antennae and i sleep in my shell. repost this to 3 people if you are a snail too. THIS IS REAL EVERYONE!!!!!!! THIS IS NO JOKE

i hope you enjoy my webpage! :3 template used
make sure to click the icons on the left to see all the windows! :DDD | instagram | ask me for my discord!

animal of choice
sea slugs, frogs, cats
time of activity night
drawing program azpainter
preferred food sugar
favorite games harvest moon, animal crossing (GC, new leaf), minecraft, touhou, parodius, hamtaro. 90s SNES games
musical artists? babymetal, korn, lemon demon, rico nasty


this is a wip. it will have my other links!
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